Certified Iridologist Requirements

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How to Become an IIPA Certified Iridologist?

An Understanding of Comprehensive Iridology Standards and Concepts - It is highly recommended that a candidate/student for certification completes the Comprehensive® Iridology Classes (Level I and Level II) through an IIPA Certified Instructor or through an IIPA Sanction School, however it is not required for certification. What is required is that candidates/students have a thorough understanding of the standards presented in these classes.

Comprehensive® Iridology Class - LEVEL I - This class covers the history and development of Iridology and discussion of models (European Iridology, American Iridology, Comprehensive Iridology, psychological patterns, iris photography, etc.) This also includes eye anatomy and physiology, topography and mapping of the iris, constitutional types and subtypes, iris structure and signs, pigmentation, pupil tonus, etc. It would be helpful to have some anatomy and physiology background before taking this course. Refer to our website for recommended readings and approved programs. Minimum of 14 hours with an IIPA Certified Instructor.

Comprehensive® Iridology Class - LEVEL II - This class places emphasis on case studies, combinations of signs, structure and pigment details, exceptions to rules, specific constitutions and syndromes, further psychological pattern information and research issues, etc. Minimum of 21 hours with an IIPA Certified Instructor.

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What are the Certification Requirements?

Proof of Anatomy and Physiology Knowledge - An Anatomy and Physiology (A&P) course is required for certification. Certification Examination can take place before the A&P course is completed. The certification candidate/student must submit a transcript of a completed course, a copy of a diploma or of an acceptable accredited degree, or a copy of an appropriate professional license before receiving the IIPA Certification Certificate. See acceptable courses on website.

Submission of Ten Iris Evaluations - You will be provided with Iris Evaluation forms to use to evaluate ten (10) different people and analyze their iris patterns. Your completed evaluations will be submitted to an Instructor for review. Your results will be returned with corrections and comments.  Candidates/students who received their Iridology training through an IIPA Sanctioned School are not required to perform the ten Iris Evaluations. Also, if you are taking a class through an IIPA Certified Comprehensive Iridology Instructor, you may, at the discretion of the Instructor, complete these evaluations during class.

Case Study Analysis - For your Case Study, you will receive instructions, a history and eye photos to analyze. Your completed analysis and results will be returned to you with corrections and comments from your Instructor. Note, that candidates/students who received their Iridology training through an IIPA Sanctioned School are not required to perform a Case Study Analysis.

Written Examination - This written Examination is on this website. Click on the “Examination” link for information on how to proceed with your Examination process. At the successful completion of your Examination process, if your test grades are satisfactory, 80% or more, and all other requirements are completed (i.e. Anatomy & Physiology, 10 Iris Evaluations, Case Study, current membership), you will be sent an IIPA Certified Iridologist Certificate. If for some reason you do not pass all the Sections of the Examination, the Examination Retest information is also located on the “Examination” link.  

During the Examination, you may use study materials and the Iridology chart (which is included) from the seminar/class/webinar or the self-paced course to help you. You will have four hours to finish the Examination.

Once you have successfully completed the IIPA Examination process, your Student Membership will be upgraded to a Certified Membership and your IIPA Certified Iridologist certificate will be issued.