Current Courses/Classes

Current Class/Course Opportunities

Comprehensive Iridology Level I

Coconut Creek, FL 33066

Nancy Rondone, CCII, CHNC


Comprehensive Iridology Level II

Coconut Creek, FL 33066

Nancy Rondone, CHNC, CCII


Comprehensive Iridology

Ellen Tart-Jensen, Ph.D., D.SC., CCII


San Marcos, CA 92069

Rayid - Emotion Iris Analysis
(an additional class offered after above Iridology class)

Ellen Tart-Jensen, Ph.D., D.SC., CCII


Confident Nutritionist (Dynamic Iridology)

This course, taught by live webinar (20 x 2-hour, weekly, on-line interactive classes) covers ALL of the curriculum of IIPA Level I and IIPA Level II along with mentoring for certification preparation. It also integrates nutrition and herbology. Students include naturopaths, herbalists, nutritionists, holistic practitioners, and lay people. The format of this class allows for study and practice between weekly class sessions to ensure thorough and confident learning.

Judith Cobb, M.H., CCII, CNC

07/17/2019 - 12/2019

IIPA Comprehensive Iridology Level I: In-Person Class

Birgit Lueders, MH, CCII


IIPA Comprehensive Iridology Level II: In-Person Class

Birgit Lueders, MH, CCII


Webinars/Seminars/Distant Learning Opportunities

IIPA Comprehensive Iridology Level I and Level II Course

Kathy Norris, D.Ir., CCII

“Live” On-Line Class

IIPA Level I and Level II Iridology Course

Be prepared for the IIPA Examination (Webinar based) Online Correspondence. For information, contact the Instructor.

Betty Sue O'Brian, ND, CCII

On-Line Worldwide Classes

Iridology Essentials
Constitutional Iridology
The Significance of the Collarette
The Pupil and its Border
Signs in the Sclera
Advanced Pigmentation Studies
Advanced Understanding of Lacuna Morphology

Toni Miller, ND, DHM, MII, CCII, F.Ir.

Advanced Iridology - CEUs: 20

Online Course, instructor assisted. This class focuses on advanced terminology and methods in personality iridology, sclerology and traditional iridology.

Betty Sue O'Brian, ND, CCII

Anatomy & Physiology

On-Line Course - A thorough Anatomy and Physiology course to prepare students for using Iridology to help others.

Wanda J. Seitz, ND, CCII

Family Herbalist - CEU: 8

This course helps participants to take charge of their health and their family's health by learning herbal simpling, in other words, learning uses, practices of herbs and herbal therapies. At the completion of this course, the participant will receive a Family Herbalist Certificate.

Wanda J. Seitz, ND, CCII

Family RBTI (Reams Biological Theory of Ionization) - CEU: 5

CEU: 5 - Online Correspondence, open enrollment. Family RBTI uses the practice of Reams Testing (The Reams Biological Theory of Ionization) to effectively measure bodily fluids for imbalance and also how to bring those back into balance.

Wanda J. Seitz, ND, CCII

Integrated Iridology Constitutions - ONLINE

Toni Miller, ND, DHM, Int Irid

Integrated Iridology Essentials - ONLINE for beginners or post grads

Toni Miller, ND, DHM, Int Irid

Introduction to Iridology or "Family Iridology" - CEU: 4

CEU: 4 - Online course. In the Family Iridologist Course, students will learn enough to understand the differences in health and personality among those with blue, brown and hazel irises.

Wanda J. Seitz, ND, CCII

Iridology Insights Sampler Series

New to Iridology? Wondering what it’s all about or if it could be useful to you in your professional wellness business. Wanting to update your Iridology skills? These sampler webinars are short, free, and cover a wide variety of topics. They are perfect for herbalists, nutritionists, and naturopaths who are new to Constitutional Iridology or are switching over from another style of Iridology.

Judith Cobb, M.H., CCII, CNC

Ongoing: Dates and registration links are posted at

Traditional Naturopath

Iridologists who are looking for additional CEU's can take this online course to become a Certified Health Coach and Traditional Naturopath.  Certification for completing entire course via AADP.

Betty Sue O'Brian, ND, MS, CCII

Visit websites for more information.

RBTI (Reams Biological Theory of Ionization) Professional - CEU: 16

CEU" 16 - RBTI is used to determine the level of health and wellness an individual's lifestyle and diet choices are providing them. RBTI allows you to understand the chemical reactions taking place in the body chemistry that is creating inflammation, toxicity, cell degeneration as well as cell regeneration and true health.

Sclerology 101 - CEU: 10

On-Line Course in practical Sclerology. Online and Live 24 hours a day! For complete course requirements and fees, contact the Instructor.

Betty Sue O'Brian, ND, CCII